Will Corbin be the "The Stopper" in Barbados?
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What does Barbados' FM Dr. Philip Corbin have in common with legendary Reggae Dancehall artist, Cutty Ranks? Besides the fact that both are from the Caribbean, they have the same first name, they have a slashing and aggressive style in their craft ANDů both can be called "The Stopper." A point behind, FM Corbin will attempt to stop FM Delisle Warner's attempt to win the Barbados crown with a perfect score.  Warner sits atop the field at 10-0 while Corbin trails at 9-1.

For those not familiar with Cutty Ranks (
Philip Thomas), he is a Jamaican DJ (rapper) with a "no-nonsense" and hard style. Reggae Dancehall is an up-tempo style of reggae accented with heavy bass, drum machines, infectious beats and some incredible word play in Jamaican patois.  Cutty Ranks famous hit was titled, "The Stopper," a classic song that dominated the international charts in the early 90s. Rapping over an unforgettable bass line, he warns all other DJs around the world not to challenge him, or he'll destroy them with his lyrical ammunition ("kill dem wid de lingua").

To win the Bajan crown, top players on the island know they have to get past Corbin. On two separate occasions Corbin stopped
Kevin Denny and Ron Buckmire (in last round encounters) from earning perfect scores in the past National Championships. However,  "Delisle the Devastator" has won four of the last five encounters against Corbin and has taken no prisoners thus far! Who will prevail in this showdown? Will Warner complete a sweep of the field? Will Corbin once again play the role of "The Stopper?" Stay tuned!!

Bajan Clash! Warner vs. Corbin

Bajan Clash! Warner vs. Corbin
LIVE coverage 11 August 2003 @ 18:30 EST!

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 9 August 2003