Bajan Clash 2003!

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Bajan Clash! Warner vs. Corbin

Bajan Clash!  Warner vs. Corbin

Pre-game analysis: This game has all the trappings of an intriguing battle. FM Philip Corbin will command the white pieces and will probably trot out 1.e4 and Warner may respond with his characteristic French. FM Delisle Warner has scored 4½-½ in the last five encounters between the two players becoming reminiscent of the Tal-Korchnoi rivalry.  Warner can clinch the title with a draw, but of course Corbin needs a win for the tiebreak. Perhaps Corbin will prepare some "home cooking" to rattle Warner in this high-pressure situation.  The Barbados Chess Federation gives its analysis:

"FIDE Master and one time National Champion Delisle Warner is a giant at controlling the whole board by slowly squeezing every ounce of counter play from his opponent. Warner is known for accepting a slightly inferior position once he gets a pawn or two. FM Corbin on the other hand does not mind if he is minus a pawn or two once complications can be created. FIDE Master Philip Corbin a seven time National Champion has won many matches by luring an average player and even masters to their doom by setting ablaze the chess board in a fury of sacrifices that create hair raising complications in which he alone can find the only way through the maize."


Post-game analysis: FM Delisle sweeps the field with an 11-0 score! In this exciting battle, Corbin attempted to sidestep any preparation by playing the Tarrasch Defense against the French. Warner wouldn't cooperate and after the tricky 4… Ne4!? only sheer will (and not book knowledge) would triumph.  Corbin characteristically sacrificed the famous poisoned b-pawn and Barbadian IM Kevin Denny remarked, "Corbin likes chaos....while Warner likes they should both be happy." Seventeen-year old GM Gadir Guseinov of Azerbaijan thought that black was  OK after snatching the pawn. 

Corbin attempted to make use of  dark squares by probing the kingside, but switched plans in mid-gear and maneuvered the Bishop from g5-c1-a3. Corbin could have won the exchange, but as a true attacker, he wanted to command the dark squares. Black was able to build a solid position as Corbin crept into terrible time pressure. This would eventually lead to his undoing. In the time scramble, white traded both of his Rooks for the Queen, but could not find a path to the enemy King.  Warner had ample time, solidified and played a wonderful time-pressure move with
33… d4! which forced Corbin to spend valuable seconds.

Corbin frantically tried to drum up tactical shots, but had to keep an eye on the passed d-pawn.  Unfortunately, the 7-time champion could not find the moves fast enough (despite the 30-second delay) and his lost on time. The final position appeared to be drawn, but both players played an exciting game and members of the Internet Chess Club (from around the world) certainly got a treat. Congratulations to FM Warner and the
Barbados Chess Federation!

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