2003 National Chess Championship Title Clash


FM Delisle Warner (left) and FM Philip Corbin (right)


The 2003 Barbados National Chess Championship enters its final climax.  Ten of the eleven scheduled rounds have been completed and FIDE Master Delisle Warner remains undefeated with a perfect score of 10/10.  Within striking distance is FIDE Master Dr Philip Corbin with a score of 9/10.  The standings after 10 rounds are as follows: 1. FM Delisle Warner (10), 2. FM Philip Corbin (9), 3. Mr Askari Elson (6.5), 4. Mr Othneil Harewood (6.5), 5. Mr Neil Yarde (5.5), 6. Mr Lyndell Halliday (5), 7. Mr. Robert Taitt (4.5), 8. Mr Michael Barker (3.5), 9. Dr Carlos Chase (3.5), 10. Mr. Kelvin Daniel (3), 11. Mr Anthony Earlam (2) and 12. Mr Martyn Del Castilho (1).  


The chess enthusiasts will gather to see the showdown between the positional maestro FM Warner and the tactician FM Corbin, when they face each other in the final round match to decide the Barbados Champion on 11th August, 2003 at 6:30 PM at the NUPW headquarters, Dalkeith road, St. Michael.  A draw or win for FM Warner will give him the title.  FM Corbin playing with white pieces can take the championship into tiebreak replays by winning the match. 


The battle of contrasting styles will determine who will be crowned 2003 National Chess Champion of Barbados.  FIDE Master and one time National Champion Delisle Warner is a giant at controlling the whole board by slowly squeezing every ounce of counter play from his opponent.  Warner is known for accepting a slightly inferior position once he gets a pawn or two.  FM Corbin on the other hand does not mind if he is minus a pawn or two once complications can be created. FIDE Master Philip Corbin a seven time National Champion has won many matches by luring an average player and even masters to their doom by setting ablaze the chess board in a fury of sacrifices that create hair raising complications in which he alone can find the only way through the maize. 


In their recent encounters FM Warner has the advantage of winning four out of five matches played and conceding only a draw in the other.  For the first time in Barbados, this game will be webcast LIVE at www.barbados.org/chess/ and www.thechessdrum.net. The National Championship is organised by the Barbados Chess Federation Inc. and is sponsored by the Barbados Olympic Association Inc.


Report by Mr Terry Farley & Dr Kumar Areti, Arbiters for the Championship.