The Chess Clash Begins… voting until November 13th!!
FM Warren Elliott, 2-time Defending Champion FM Ryan Harper


FM Warren Elliott
2000, 2001 Jamaican Champion

FM Ryan Harper
2002 Trinidadian Champion

Three weeks ago, The Chess Drum approached FM Warren Elliott and FM Ryan Harper for proposed a "Chess Clash." This would be based NOT on over-the-board play, but the fine art of chess annotation. Both players received identical sets of rules (posted on September 23rd) and were given equal time to prepare their annotations. Modeled after the music "sound clash" popularized in Jamaica, the energetic Caribbean stars agreed and relished the challenge. Both players know each other well and have been analysis partners from time-to-time. However, competition breeds a new enthusiasm and a trash-talking joust was inevitable.

After the annotations were completed, FM Elliott stated,

Yah Man!

Bwoy just dead! I'll send you tomorrow... I just finished it but sleep in my eyes so I have to make sure I publish correct stuff... so I'm giving it one last check tomorrow then "him belly hurt him"!

Warren seh dat!

After which FM Harper replied,

Warren will have to go and fold up under dem annotations when he see mine!!

"Proceed to the Annotation Chess Clash!"

Posted by The Chess Drum: 13 October 2002