"Annotation Chess Clash" in the Caribbean…
Jamaica Trinidad
FM Ryan Harper
FM Warren Elliott, 2-time Defending Champion


FM Warren Elliott
2000, 2001 Jamaican Champion

FM Ryan Harper
2002 Trinidadian Champion


War Dem Want!
The Chess Drum will host its first "Annotation Chess Clash" between two of the Caribbean's brightest stars! The idea is modeled from the "Sound Clash" competitions created and popularized in Jamaica where two DJ sound system teams (Selector, Mixer, the MC, Controller) compete at opposite ends of a large outdoor party and play their lyrical sonic creations to see who can win the biggest crowd.

The intense energy picks up each of the rounds leading up to the finale where both sides reveal their trump card… a crowd-pleasing  "dubplate." This segment may feature one of the hottest artists, who during the musical creation, is heaping effusive praise on the sound system. This "sound killer" and can sometimes turn the tables!

This month we will kick off the "Annotation Chess Clash" with two of Caribbean most fierce fighters! From the island of Jamaica, we have the tactical "flamethrower," 2-time Jamaican National Champion… one of the brightest young stars in the African Diaspora…
FM Warren Elliott! In the other corner, we have the Trinidad's #1 player and a sound system ace… impressive in his 11-0 blitz to win the Trinidadian crown. He's known as the "Gringo" from T&T… FM Ryan Harper!  Step up!!


The inaugural clash with have both players fully annotating
Anand-Ponomariov (match, game 4), Mainz 2002. Databases and chess reference materials are allowed, but both players will work independently. Each player is allowed ONE independent "killer" comment or annotation from a guest player of choice (e.g., local player, an IM, a GM, a World Champion, or even one of the two players, if they can be contacted!). The guest players will only submit the "killer comment" to the participant to add to the annotations, but they cannot help the player with the other analyses.

After both are submitted after the allotted time, the annotated games will be posted at The Chess Drum and audience will be able to review each set of annotations and vote on the preferred set and provide comments if desired. The votes will be tabulated and posted including the comments. The declared winner will be the "Chess Clash" King and will defend the crown against the challenger from a future match.

Who will emerge as "Chess Clash" King?? Click here to find out!!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 23 September 2002