Annotation Chess Clash!!

The Rules

These two Olympians have fully annotated
Anand-Ponomariov (match, game 4), Mainz 2002. Both players worked independently (using databases and chess reference materials), but was allowed ONE independent "killer" comment or annotation from a guest player of choice (e.g., local player, an IM, a GM, a World Champion, or even Anand or Ponomariov, if they can be contacted!). The guest player is not to help with the rest of the analysis.

The Voting

Visitors to The Chess Drum get to review each version and place one vote for the set of annotations they prefer. There is also a link in the game interface for downloading the PGN to examine in a database.
After examination, include your name, country and e-mail address; choose one of the buttons, and include any optional comments. Then hit "Submit."  You will see a verification notice. Check The Chess Drum for periodic updates on the voting. The voting period ends 13 November 2002, 24:00 hrs or midnight (EST).

Let the Clash Begin!
FM Warren Elliott

FM Ryan Harper

Now cast your vote!!




FM Warren Elliott (JAM)

FM Ryan Harper (TRI)