"Chess, Cultures, and Art"
by Dr. Ned Munger

Cultures, Chess, and Art, Volume 1 (Sub-Saharan Africa), by Dr. Ned Munger is truly a treasure for any chess player of African descent. This is not a book about chess as the sport, but gives a fascinating history of the artistry of chess set carving and the hundreds of sets found by the author in his 90 trips to the African continent. He gives entertaining narration of the history of the sets, how these sets were made, the explanation of the figures, interesting stories on how he found them, and other interesting facts about Africa's relationship with the royal game. This book has a handsome cover and colorfully stunning pictures making it a great coffee table fixture for chess players, art collectors and anyone interested in educational topics of the African genre.  Absolutely a historical treasure!

Cultures, Chess, and Art, Volume 2 (The Americas), takes a very intricate look at settlers in the Western Hemisphere and their expressions of chess culture.  In this book, Dr. Munger takes a trek through Panamanian jungles, climbs atop Mayan temples, and writes of his encounter with Rastafarians. In this book, he also examines Paul Morphy's creole heritage and addresses the speculation of whether the former American champion was indeed of African descent. Beautiful chess sets dot this  robust volume, but two of my favorites are the Mayan Glyphs and the Barbados set complete with the cricketer batsmen as the bishop. Having been to over 300 countries, Dr. Munger brings to life his rich travel experiences. This volume makes a great addition to any personal library. Fascinating book!

Cultures, Chess, and Art, Volume 2 (Pacific Islands, & Asia) illustrates and describes 89 ethnic sets. The miniature sculptures depict cultures in 22 countries and as many islands in the Pacific, and span more than 17 centuries.

"Valuable insights into the global village of the twenty-first century ... Laced with riveting tidbits ... An authoritative and valuable reference ... Based on thorough research and firsthand experience ... This volume is indeed indispensable not only for those who collect chess sets but for those who want to acquire more detailed knowledge of the historical, geopolitical, anthropological, and cultural milieus in which they were created."

~ Jess Lambujon, M.D.
Member, Chess Collectors International

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