Round #5

Race tightens up as top matches are drawn!

Top Boards

Russia 2-2 Armenia
Uzbekistan 2-2 Netherlands
Spain 2-2 Sweden
Ukraine 2-2 Bulgaria
India 2-2 China

Rising Stars from Asia… India's Pentala Harikrishna and China's Wang Yue
(Photo by Daaim Shabazz)

Top five board deadlocked… USA gains 1/2-point after edging Georgia

There is still lots of chess to play with eight rounds remaining after the rest day, but things are getting tighter in the 37th Olympiad tournament. Russia-Armenia featured a clinic by Vladimir Kramnik who despite previous health problems appears to be in excellent form. In his game withThe highly-anticipated match ended in a 2-2 draw with Gabriel Sargissian scoring the equalizer after crushing Alexander Morozevich's Modern Defense. (game)

Another interesting matchup saw the rising Asian powers pawning off in an interesting battle. While China wields a very strong lineup, this result has to be somewhat of a disappointment for India who was playing their strongest possible lineup with Viswanathan Anand going up against Bu Xiangzhi.

In that game Anand donated his queen to prevent a virulent attack on his king. Anand appeared to have staved off the attack and was consolidating, but was saddled with a weak king's position and ultimately Bu was able to achieve a perpetual check. 

The USA gained a 1/2-point on the field with an important victory over a strong Georgian side.  Gata Kamsky, Alexander Onischuk scored wins while Hikaru Nakamura dropped a tough game against  Merab Gagunashvili. Varuzhan Akobian and Tamaz Gelashvili played an uneventful draw. Thus, the USA moves into a seven-way tie for 5th place and will have a date with China in round six. The USA have traditionally had a tough time with China, but this year they will be the favorites.

Former FIDE champion Rustam Kasimjanov has helped Uzbekistan to a sparkling result. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

African-Caribbean scores

Algeria 2-2 Slovenia; Angola 2-2 Libya; Bermuda 2˝-1˝ Aruba; Paraguay 4-0 Barbados; Botswana 2-2 Wales; Brazil 2˝-1˝ Cuba; British Virgin Islands 2˝-1˝  Monaco; Albania 3˝-˝  Dominican Republic; Scotland 3-1 Egypt; Ethiopia 2˝-1˝  Macau; Cyprus 3-1 Haiti; Guatemala 2˝-1˝  Jamaica; Sudan 3˝-˝  Kenya; Libya 2-2 Angola; Mauritius 3˝-˝  Chinese Tapei; Morocco 2-2 ICSC; Mozambique 3-1 Malawi; Namibia 2˝-1˝ Hong Kong;   Seychelles; Uruguay 3-1 Nigeria; Puerto Rico 2-2 Luxembourg; Rwanda 2˝-1˝ Pakistan; Australia 3˝-˝  South Africa;  Netherlands Antilles 2-2 Brunei Darussalam; Trinidad & Tobago 2-2 Bahrain; Tunisia 2˝-1˝ Tajikistan; Papua New Guinea 3-1 US Virgin Islands; Zambia 2˝-1˝ Uganda

Reporting from Turin, Italy -  Dr. Daaim Shabazz, The Chess Drum

African Diaspora Spotlight
Ethiopian men's team (Africa)

(L-R) Fikruselassie Huluka, Kebadu Belachew, Yimam Abera Belachew, Mekitew Molla Woldeyes. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 26 May 2006