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22 November 2004 - "2004 Chess Olympiad: Reflections on the Mallorca Olympiad." Looking back on my first Olympiad, it was by all counts a very positive experience. I got to reunite with a few chess friends, see players whom I have covered for the past four years and… More!

12 November 2004 - "2004 Chess Olympiad: A Different View." The 36th Chess Olympiad is now history. One wonders how much the tournament will be remembered for its ending rather than how it began. More!

4 November 2004 - "2004 Chess Olympiad: Final Report," Interesting Olympiad. No earth-shattering stories unless one thinks of Ukraine's win as a major upset. There were other major stories such as… More!

1 November 2004 - "2004 Chess Olympiad: Ukraine and China bag Gold!" The results of the 36th Chess Olympiad had both the expected and unexpected. Firstly, the Ukraine was not figured to win the gold medal… More!

28 October 2004 - "2004 Chess Olympiad: Battle for 2nd place begins," At press time, the Ukraine has drawn all four boards against Georgia and with one round to play have essentially locked up the gold medal. More!

23 October 2004 - "2004 Chess Olympiad: Historic Overtones in Today's Matches," Besides some very good matchups in today's round of the 36th Olympiad, there are some very interesting overtones in today's matches… More!

21 October 2004 - "2004 Chess Olympiad: Kobese shines for South Africa" Watu Kobese is back at the Olympiad. This simple fact bodes well for South Africa and will perhaps set the federation on its course. More!

19 October 2004 - "Barbados and Austria battle to 2-2 tie" When the smoke cleared the score board read Barbados 2, Austria 2, match tied. In what was their toughest fought match to date… More!

19 October 2004 - "Russia Beaten!!!!" Ukrainian GM Vassily Ivanchuk went into his think-tank, armoury, chess factory and other places only he knows of and produced a fantastic performance on board one to defeat… More!

Drum Predictions for the 36th Olympiad

19 October 2004 - "2004 Chess Olympiad: Ukraine beats Russia… maintains lead!" In a highly-anticipated match, Ukraine sat down to face a formidable Russian team in the 5th round of the 36th Chess Olympiad. More!

17 October 2004 - "Ukraine make a big statement" The Ukrainians played superb chess in yesterday's third round to establish themselves at the top of the standings with their third consecutive 4-0 win… More!

Drum Predictions for the 36th Olympiad

17 October 2004 - "2004 Chess Olympiad: African and Caribbean Reports" Follow your favorite African and/or Caribbean nation with customized team profiles. Included are team analysis, crosstable and… the national anthem! More!

17 October 2004 - "The Magician waves his Wand," Jamaica´s NM Shane Matthews (2251) scored his country´s first individual win in an inspired performance on board one to defeat New Zealand´s FM Roger Nokes (2333). More!

15 October 2004 - "Jamaicans on the Score Board Early!!!" If the Olympiad gold, silver and bronze medals were being given for "uniform appearance" then Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago would have copped all three colour medals. More!

FM Philip Corbin

15 October 2004 - "Philip Corbin produces 24-move shocker!" According to Ian Wilkinson, teams from the Caribbean added to the festivity by donning the colors of their country. Barbados' Philip Corbin, known for his … More!

15 October 2004 - "Let the Games Begin!!!!" At 11:05 pm Calvia time (7 hours ahead of Jamaica's) the pairings for the first round, beginning at 3 pm local time, were posted. On board 38 Jamaica (ranked 101st) will face… More!

Drum Predictions for the 36th Olympiad

14 October 2004 - "Drum Predictions for the 36th Olympiad" The Chess Drum's Daaim Shabazz gives his predictions and pre-tournament analysis for the 36th Olympiad. Also included are regional rankings and commentary. More!

Magnificence in Bled: The 35th Chess Olympiad

12 October 2004 - "Wilkinson releases 'Magnificence in Bled'" After two years of hard work, hundreds of e-mail, countless trips to the publishers and… a few hurricanes, "Magnificence in Bled: The 35th Chess Olympiad" will be unfurled… More!

2002 Chess Olympiad, Bled, Slovenia

11 October 2004 - "The 2002 Olympiad in Review" Relive the 2002 Bled Olympiad by browsing round-by-round reports, team profiles, final stats, an extensive photo gallery and of course… exciting games.  More!

IM Kevin Denny

10 October 2004 - "Denny to Lead Barbados to Olympiad" Barbados will travel to Mallorca, Spain this week with perhaps their strongest team in recent years. IM Kevin Denny (2334) will lead the charge… More!

GM Viswanathan Anand

16 September 2004 - "India looking to medal at the 36th Olympiad" The birthplace of chess has come a long way since an assuming young man won the World Junior in 1987. This man was known for his… More!

GM Hikaru Nakamura

10 September 2004 - "Opinion: Nakamura's Olympiad Snub bad for Chess" Critics are raging at Hikaru Nakamura's omission from the squad in favor of players, most of whom have seen their best days. More!

Ignatius Njobvu

2 September 2004 - "Botswana Olympiad Team all set!" THE Botswana Chess Federation (BCF) will send two teams to the 36th Chess Olympiad in Calvia, Spain from September 14 to October 31. The head of the delegation will be Dabilani ButhaliMore!

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