Wamala sentenced to 20-40 years

Severine Wamala was sentenced to 20-40 years by Judge Robert Lynn on Monday, November 19th. Wamala was convicted in the September trial on 11 counts of aggravated sexual assault. He has no chance for parole unless he admits to the charge. Wamala has held steadfast to the notion that the charges were fabricated. He also stated that he was mistreated by the police and that the three accusers were coerced into confessions.

Wamala made a lengthy personal statement and insisted on his innocence. He was initially charged with improper sexual contact with the minors, but two of them recanted. In a strange twist, one of them spoke in his defense at the sentencing.

The remaining victim had strong words for Wamala stating that he has "ruined my life in a lot of different ways." Public defender
Anthony Sculimbrene plans to appeal the aggravated sexual assault charge. Meanwhile Wamala will begin serving his sentence while the formal appeal process takes place.

Severine Wamala making his statement before sentencing. Photo by Don Himsel.

Severine Wamala making his statement before sentencing. Photo by Don Himsel.

Wamala was an important figure in the Massachusetts chess community and had three children who were standout players in their age categories. The Chess Drum audience wishes the Wamala family the best in future years and hopefully the chess community will be able to aid in the healing. (see related stories on the Drum)

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 21 November 2007

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