Wamala found guilty of  sexual assault charges

The case of Severine Wamala came to a quick close after six days of deliberation. After being held for one year (and after failing to make  $1 million bail), Judge Robert Lynn of Hillsborough County threw out most of the charges leveled against the 46-year old Wamala, a native of Uganda.

The case for two of accusers started to unravel when they recanted and stated that they were coerced to accuse Wamala of sexual molestation. The two women, one 19 and the other 24, have stated that they have no had sexual contact with Wamala. Despite pointing out possible perjury, Lynn found there was enough evidence for jurors to consider other charges.

Severine Wamala
(Photo by Associated Press)

During his testimony, Wamala complained that the police had harassed him in their questioning and he became frustrated into a forced confession. "For hours they asked me these questions…  the same questions, over and over," Wamala said. Neither this explanation, nor recantation by the two women was convincing enough to the jury who had heard the Wamala trial over six days. They found Wamala guilty of 11 counts of aggravated sexual assault, each punishable  by 10-20 years. He was acquitted on the 12th charge. An appeal initiated by Wamala's team would not be surprising.

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