Carlsson granted the GM title!

Pontus Carlsson has finally been conferred the title of Grandmaster. The 24-year old player from Sweden joins an esteemed group of 900 players earning the coveted title. Carlsson ascent has been rather sharp having earned all of his IM and GM norms in a three-year period. Carlsson contacted The Chess Drum sharing the news:

"I got some good news this week when FIDE awarded me the GM title so I am now the second  black GM in the world not bad! I also spoke with Amon recently and he told me that he was going to Holland and play some. It was nice that he made his last norm so that we will soon be 3."

Carlsson has a 2481 ELO, but he would have eclipsed the 2500 barrier at some point. Carlsson earned his 3rd GM norm in Spain and just returned from Turkey after participating in the European Cup. He has expressed an interest in playing in the U.S. by year's end.

GM-elect Pontus Carlsson

GM Pontus Carlsson

Posted by The Chess Drum: 11 October 2007

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