Orrin Hudson meets Donald Trump!
Orrin Hudson tells the “Donald Trump story” in front of 40,000 attendees at the Real Estate and Wealth Expo in Atlanta. Trump seems to be enjoying the rendition. Photo courtesy of BeSomeone, Inc.

Orrin Hudson tells the "Donald Trump story" in front of 40,000 attendees at the Real Estate and Wealth Expo in Atlanta. Trump seems to be enjoying the rendition. Photo courtesy of BeSomeone, Inc.

Donald Trump recently met an audience member as he prepared to tell his rise-and-fall story at the Real Estate and Wealth Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. He pointed to a casually-dressed person in the front and asked him if he knew the story. The person said he did, so Trump told him, "Tell the story." Unknowingly, Trump invited a motivational speaker onstage. In that moment, Orrin Hudson "was hired."

Anyone having watched the popular show "The Apprentice" understands how tough Donald Trump can be as a thriving businessman.  In the Apprentice reality show, he gives two opposing groups a challenging task and watches them over the course of the project. At the end of each show, he grills each team on their performances and ultimately decides who continues on the show. For those who do not make it, Trump utters the blunt words, "You're fired!"

The passion that Trump has about being successful is similar to the message Hudson routinely relays to kids. Naturally, Trump was impressed with Hudson's delivery and promised to call him. With the crowd buzzing, Hudson told The Chess Drum that streams of attendees came forth to praise him on his impromptu presentation.  Perhaps most in the audience were not familiar with the Hudson story. However, Hudson's story is fairly well-known. His numerous interviews and articles have been featured on major TV stations, newspapers and websites (more than a dozen on The Chess Drum).

Most recently Hudson was the subject of an article on the front of the Lifestyle section in the March 4th edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The story highlighted the efforts Hudson has made in the lives of youth including that of Aaron Porter, a 6'5" 18-year old who had incurred serious charges of juvenile misconduct (including an attempted murder of his father). Porter met Hudson and received enough inspiration and coaching that he won the 1st annual Georgia Association for Alternative Education (GAAE) state-wide chess championship.

'Crunk Chess,' is featured in the March 4th, 2007 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Article on Orrin Hudson featured in March 4th edition of Atlanta Journal Constitution.

It is perhaps these type of stories that will draw more influential people to support such a positive initiative. Hudson had already attracted the likes of Jane Fonda and is perhaps looking to enlist the support of Trump. Like the Trump story, Hudson says to anyone within earshot, "I'm living my dream." What is this dream? Helping others win in the game of life through chess.  Perhaps his use of chess as a metaphor for life is what Bobby Fischer meant said when he uttered the immortal words, "Chess is life."

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Posted by The Chess Drum:  7 March 2007