BeSomeone sparks enthusiasm at Project Destiny
Aaron Porter (L) and Xavier Graham (R) pose with Orrin C. Hudson of BeSomeone, Inc. Copyright   2006, BeSomeone, Inc.

Aaron Porter (L) and Xavier Graham (R) pose with Orrin C. Hudson of BeSomeone, Inc.

Project Destiny Students Destined to be Champions

Augusta, GA- Project Destiny, one of several alternative educational schools competing in the first annual Georgia Association for Alternative Education (GAAE) state-wide chess championship, proved they have the drive and skills to be champions. Top chess players across the state competed on February 23, 2006, kicking off a new tradition of teaching students life mastery skills through the game of chess.

Project Destiny students,
Aaron Porter and Xavier Graham of Atlanta won top honors, thanks to their unbeatable drive to succeed and some expert coaching. Porter, who ascended through the ranks of the tournament undefeated, gave his school a point lead to win the title.

"I lost my queen, but I kept fighting. I remembered my coach, Orrin Hudson, telling me, 'The biggest mistake is to give up. Don't focus on what is lost; focus on what is left. Champions find a way.' And that is what I did!" - Aaron Porter.

Hudson never wavered in his belief his team could best the state's top chess players. Xavier Graham followed Hudson's advice and stayed focused. "We were concerned at first because some of our opponents told us they have been playing chess since they were 5 years-old. The chess logo on their shirts indicated they are serious about the game, but we got our confidence back when Coach Hudson told us to play the board. He said 'This is the board of education, and it is the great equalizer. Make every move count and do your best. It's all about learning and having fun, enjoy the moment.' After that I was able to concentrate on the game in front of me, and not on my opponent." - Xavier Graham

Orrin Hudson, a nationally renowned motivational speaker and chess champion, is the founder of Be Someone, Inc., a crime prevention and educational non-profit organization that has mentored more than 16,000 students since 2000. The program has been highly touted for its amazingly quick results.

Teachers and parents report students experience an increase in classroom participation, grade point averages and attendance, along with improved mental acuity and improved concentration and problem solving skills. As a result of completing the program, students learn to push pawns, not drugs; think it out, instead of shoot it out.

Hudson's colorful, comedic and deeply effective teaching techniques certainly proved to be the turning point for the Project Destiny team. Hudson is taking his program nationwide, with a goal of keeping kids in school, away from drugs and in the game of life to win. To learn more about Be Someone's mission, how to become involved or for a comprehensive list of community and leadership awards, visit or call 678-526-0292.

Orrin C. Hudson

Photo by Michael Schwarz

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 1 March 2006