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Ian Wilkinson, "Jomo Pitterson wins 2007 LASCO Masters Knock-Out Chess Title," Jamaican Chess Federation, 8 July 2007 (Kingston, Jamaica).

National Masters Jomo Pitterson (left) and Shane Matthews (right), face off in what proved to be the last match of the tournament on Sunday. Photo by Jamaican Chess Federation.

National Master Jomo Pitterson displayed imperious form to defeat National Master Shane Matthews and win the 2007 LASCO-sponsored Masters Knock-out Chess tournament held in June, 2007 at RBTT Bank, Dominica Drive, New Kingston. Entering the four-game final, Pitterson downplayed his chances but it was obvious that he was bent on getting revenge for the loss inflicted on him by Matthews when the two met in the final of the same event several years ago.

The first game was a tense affair as Matthews, with the white pieces, faced Pitterson's Sicilian Sveshnikov defence but after 39 moves most of the material had left the battlefield and the peace treaty was signed acknowledging a hard-fought draw. Game two was a triumph for the Campion College former student as Matthews, playing with the black pieces, went down in flames as his Benoni Defence perished in 34 moves.

Needing just a point from the remaining two games, Pitterson again relied on the Sicilian Sveshnikov defence and inflicted a crushing defeat on Matthews in game three, the Excelsior past student resigning in 25 moves with checkmate looming.

Matthews, who was losing his second consecutive final in the event having lost to reigning national champion National Master
Duane Rowe in the last final, was seemingly out-prepared by the hungry Pitterson who played solid, yet enterprising chess.

The 2008 edition of the event promises to be very exciting as all the top players, including Rowe who is currently pursuing post-graduate studies at Cambridge University in England, should be seeking the honours.

Ian G. Wilkinson
Jamaica Chess Federation

Posted by The Chess Drum:  12 July 2007