Shane Matthews bags Jamaican Masters Championship!


Bert Scott, "Shane Matthews wins 2002 Masters K.O. Final, 2-1," Jamaican Ambassadors Academy, June 2002.

National Master
Shane Matthews won the 2002 Masters K.O. Championship 2-1 over NM Jomo Pitterson after securing a draw in game 4 of the final. This was Matthews' second Master title; he won against Duane Rowe in 2000.

On the road to his 2002 Masters title, Matthews won games 1 and 2 only to have Pitterson pull one back in game 3 before both players agreeing to a draw in game 4.

Playing black in the pivotal game 3, Pitterson made a thematic Sicilian Rxc3 exchange sac for the attack and initiative which paid off. With three seconds to make two moves, "The Magician" dropped a rook and promptly resigned
(see games on right). Game 4 was declared a draw after an inevitable exchange of queens and rooks would have left the minor piece ending dead even.

A truly remarkable consistent performance by Shane Matthews who is considered by Jamaican Ambassadors to be Jamaica's best opportunity for an International Master (IM) title.

Game start 5 back 1 back 1 forward 5 forward Game end flip board autoplay


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Posted by The Chess Drum: 5 June 2002