Michigan's answer to violence: Hip Hop Chess?

Grand Rapids, Michigan is beset with the problems of most urban areas. These problems tend to affect the youth to a greater degree given that their success depends on the types of environmental influences they are exposed to. During the summer break, the question becomes providing the youth with positive activities to  channel their energy.

Grand Rapids' WOOD-TV did a report on this challenge in the aftermath of a bowling alley shooting that resulted in the death of 
Kenneth Dear. There have been a rash of shooting and that is when Darlene King advocated chess as a way of channeling the energy in a non-confrontational way. Interestingly enough she sounds as a cross between Adisa Banjoko and Orrin Hudson.

Grand Rapids' Darlene King is shown extolling her idea "hip-hop chess."

While not affiliated with the Hip Hop Chess Federation (HHCF), she calls the activity "Hip Hop Chess." The Chess Drum contacted Banjoko, co-founder of the HHCF and he praised King's attempt at reaching the youth. According to the video, the chess activities will be held on Saturdays 1:00pm at Martin Luther King park.

Watch the video!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 25 June 2007

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