Orrin Hudson blazing the "BeSomeone" trail!

Orrin Hudson recently held his "BeSomeone Day" on May 22nd with the expressed purpose of providing inspiration and hope to young children. Hudson has captured media attention with his efforts and continues to blaze the trail of chess altruism. Hudson has successfully carried his message across the airwaves as he has been the subject of countless TV interviews including CNN, CBS, FOX, and a number of news articles.  He also has a book on the way extolling the virtues of chess.

Hudson's accomplishments have been captured in an inspiring video presentation for all to see. Hudson tells
The Chess Drum that "miracles are about to happen." Given America's current "love affair" with chess as an educational tool, persons like the Atlanta-based Orrin Hudson will continue to find an audience for his powerful message. An example of his works have been captured in the 6-minute video at the link below. Enjoy!

Orrin C. Hudson

Photo by Michael Schwarz

View video now!

Editor's Note:  Orrin was featured in  June 16th issue of USA Today. In the full page article, it discusses Orrin's vision and provides insight as to how chess can help "at-risk" children… specifically in Black communities across America. Read Larry Copeland's report here!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 14 June 2004