The Chess Drum's 3rd "Friendship Match"
Ronnie “RJ” Nelson, Jr. (Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies) & Joshua Colas (White Plains, New York, USA)

Ronnie 'RJ' Nelson, Jr.

Joshua Colas


Both Ronnie Nelson, Jr. and Joshua Colas are not related although both have a great deal in common. Both are talented 7-year old chess players with Caribbean roots and have already made a name for themselves in scholastic chess. The two will face off in The Chess Drum's 3rd "Friendship Match" held at the Internet Chess Club (ICC) on Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 6:00pm EST.

Meet the players!!

Ronnie "RJ" Nelson, Jr. (7 years old) - A familiar face to readers of The Chess Drum, RJ has continued to blaze the trails of Trinidad as the "Caribbean Tiger." Since the last 'Friendship Match' with Jayel Taylor, RJ has participated in various tournaments racking up a sizeable cache of hardware in the trophy case. As Trinidad's under-10 champion, he has also been the subject of newspapers articles and recently appeared at CNC TV in a two-hour interview. RJ made is first entry on the big stage when he competed in the HB Global tournament. He took on Grandmaster Maurice Ashley in an exhibition and has sights on following Ashley as a chess Grandmaster. He is managed by aunt, Lesley-ann Nelson.

Ronnie “RJ” Nelson, Jr. (Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies)

Ronnie "RJ" Nelson, Jr.
(Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies)

Joshua Colas (7 years old) - Joshua has only been playing chess for one year, but the promising talent was recently seen at the World Open in the under-1200 section. He scored a respectable 4-5 against players of all ages. "Joshu-Kid" took up the game last year after a trip to the 2005 World Open with his Dad, Guy Colas. He immediately began playing in scholastic tournaments and has since won 16 trophies and six medals in the Primary as well as in the Elementary Sections. At the recently-ended World Open, Joshua showed his ferocious tactical skill in games of blitz with his father and game analysis with The Chess Drum's Daaim Shabazz. From Haitian ancestry, Joshua will take on his Caribbean counterpart in a battle of young tigers.

Joshua Colas (White Plains, New York, USA - ancestry - Port au Prince, Haiti)

Joshua Colas
(White Plains, New York, USA
ancestry - Port au Prince, Haiti)


Both players will play two games with each color (30 minutes per side) and there will be no 'take-back' moves. There will be a short break in between games. Each player will play using the ICC interface, but will not have the use of chess software, nor can they receive assistance from other players (either in person or by electronic means). Neither player should use the built-in chat facility to discuss the games while in progress. The spectators can use the ICC "whisper" function. All are welcome to visit the to watch the games.

  • If you are not a member of the ICC, you can download "blitzin" software and log on as "guest." If you are a member, then log on as normal.

  • In order to view the games you will type "observe tiguito." You will see both players identified by their ICC handles… "tiguito" (Joshua) and "triniwarrior" (RJ). We are using one handle in order to keep the spectators and comments in one place.

  • Contact Daaim Shabazz at or at my ICC handle "chessdrummer" if you have questions.

Final Score: Joshua 2 - Ronnie 0
See Report!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 18 July 2005