RJ Nelson featured on CNC TV (Trinidad)
Trinidad Trinidad Trinidad

Ronnie Nelson, Jr. (right) continues to hit the chess trails and now has become more visible with his recent interview with Cable News Channel in Trinidad. Both Ronnie and his aunt Lesley-ann Nelson were featured on the program hosted by the vivacious Giselle LeGalle.

During the segment from interview, Ronnie talked about his tournament participation and trip to the USA to participate in the HB Global Chess Challenge. Also mentioned was the "Friendship Match" with
Jayel Taylor held last year. Five minutes of the two-hour interview can be seen at the popular video site, YouTube.com.  Accented with infectious soca music, the video has a slideshow of pictures of Ronnie's chess feats, video footage from the HB Global and the Orange Bowl (Miami, Florida) and intermittent comments by both Ronnie and Lesley-ann.

Ronnie is set to travel to Ecuador to play in the Pan-Am Games the first two weeks of August. Lesley-ann Nelson hopes the video segment will help in fundraising efforts  for Ronnie's future chess development. At press time, another "Friendship Match" is being arranged with the talented seven-year old
Joshua Colas.

Ronnie 'RJ' Nelson, Jr.

Ronnie 'RJ' Nelson brandishing his trophy at the  Orange Bowl.

See CNC TV video featuring Ronnie "RJ" Nelson

Posted by The Chess Drum: 17 July 2006