The Chess Drum's 2nd "Friendship Match"
Jacob Wamala (Lowell, Massachusetts, USA) Kayin Barclay (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Jacob Wamala
Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
(USCF Rating: 2052)

Kayin Barclay
Chicago, Illinois, USA
(USCF Rating: 2006)


Both Jacob Wamala and Kayin Barclay are two of the most gifted 15-year olds in the USA and they will meet in a two-game match at the Internet Chess Club on Saturday, February 4, 2006 at 4:00pm (Eastern Standard Time). Both players have already eclipsed the 2000-rating barrier in the USCF system with Wamala at 2052 and Barclay at 2006. Both are in the top 50 in their age group and in coming years, will strive to earn the coveted rank of National Master.


Both players will play two games with each color (30 minutes per side) and there will be no 'take-back' moves. There will be a short break in between games. Each player will play using the Internet Chess Club interface, but will not have the use of chess software, nor can they receive assistance from other players (either in person or by electronic means). Neither player should use the built-in chat facility to discuss the games while in progress. All are welcome.

  • If you are not a member of the ICC, you can download "blitzin" software and log on as "guest." If you are a member, then log on as normal.
  • In order to view the games you will type "observe MastaJ." You will see both players identified by their ICC handles… "MastaJ" (Jacob) and "KayinB" (Kayin). We are using one handle in order to keep the spectators and comments in one place.
  • Contact Daaim Shabazz at or at my ICC handle "chessdrummer" if you have questions.

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Drum Flash! Barclay wins 'Friendship Match' in fierce battle!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 23 January 2006