To Russia and Back: Barclay in Chicago Tribune

When meeting Kayin Barclay, one is easily taken by his good-natured demeanor and keen mind. The Chicagoan is a rising star in scholastic circles and is the reigning Denker champion. Barclay was recently the subject of a very interesting article in the Chicago Tribune titled, "He's Got the Right Moves." It is an article which describes the following scenario…

Four years ago, Kayin Barclay's father, Lester, asked him "where he wanted to go if he could go anywhere in the world."

Kayin, who was 12, didn't hesitate: Russia. He wanted to play pickup chess in the park.

"He told me they have the best players in the world there," said Lester Barclay, an attorney

Kayin Barclay

Kayin Barclay

The story went on talking about how formative the Russia trip was in his chess development and the possibility of leading his high school team to the state title. Barclay showed early signs of his talent at Beasley Elementary and works diligently on his game. He is the product of a solid household, dedicated parents (Lester and Sue Barclay), is very gifted and has a passion for chess. He will lead Whitney Young H.S. to the Illinois High School Association state finals in February. He has recently eclipsed the "Expert" rating for the first time (2000 USCF). Next goal… National Master of course.

Read Mike Conklin's, "He's Got the Right Moves,"
Chicago Tribune, 17 January 2006.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 18 January 2006