Farley earns FM title at Sub-Zonal!
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It is only under peculiar circumstances that Terry Farley could be disappointed with having earned an FM title. He was leading the 2.3.5 tournament with a sizzling, undefeated 6/7 and would need only to secure one point from his last two matches for a tournament victory and Barbados' second IM title. Disaster struck. Farley would lose his last two matches and be surpassed by a raging Wiston Boada of Venezuela who tallied 6/9. However, he ended in joint 2nd and secured the most recent FM title for Barbados.  Delisle Warner earned the last title in 2002.

Other Caribbean fans were also watching
Shane Matthews of Jamaica in his quest for a long-awaited FIDE title. Matthews had a realistic chance but like Farley, lost his last two games. In the 8th round, he got an overwhelming position against Andre Guerrero, but overlooked a combination which lead to either mate or the loss of the queen. Matthews went to lose his last encounter to IM Julio Ostos to end at 50%.

NM Terry Farley

Terry Farley

Trinidad and Tobago also made the trip, but results were less than sterling. FM Ryan Harper was +2  going into round seven, but lost his last three games which ended his chances for an IM title.Harper ended with 4/9.  Dr. Edison Chang was vying for the lead after three rounds, but quickly faltered after a loss to Farley in round four. He drew his last round with compatriot Marcus Joseph and ended on 3/9. Joseph, the Trinidadian Junior Champion was humbled in this encounter, but got one win over Pablo Sequeda and ended with 2/9.

2.3.5 Subzonal Championship

Posted by The Chess Drum: 23 November 2006