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Moscow Times: A Games of Chess… and Politics (Carl Schreck)
(2 June 2006)

ChessBase: Open Letter to the General Assembly of the 77th FIDE Congress
(31 May 2006)

ChessBase: FIDE President reacts to Open Letter from Kouatly
(27 May 2006)

The Right Move: Video with Bessel Kok and Nigel Short (32:11 minutes)
(27 May 2006)

Can FIDE be reformed? (Bachar Kouatly)
(26 May 2006)

The Right Move: The Essence of Democracy
(19 May 2006)

Chess Fidelity: The Fifth Column (Yuriy Vasilev)
(26 May 2006)

Chess Fidelity: A Low-Level Campaign by the "Right Move" (Israel Gelfer)
(17 May 2006)

Chess Fidelity: Regarding the initiatives of Mr. Ignatius Leong
(17 May 2006)

The Chess Drum on FIDE African Campaign (Daaim Shabazz)
(17 May 2006)

ChessBase: Unity Letter by Ignatius Leong and Response by Bessel Kok
(16 May 2006)

ChessBase: Chess Infidelity! (Bessel Kok)
(15 May 2006)

Mmegi: FIDE politics threaten local chess (Kenneth Boikhutswane)
(12 May 2006)

ChessBase: An Essay on Chess Democracy (Yuriy Vasiliev)
(11 May 2006)

Chessville: 20 Questions with Bessel Kok
(7 May 2006)

ChessBase: IGM Nigel Short's Tour in Sub-Saharan Africa
(6 May 2006)

Susan Polgar's Blogspot: Q&A with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
(5 May 2006)

The Chess Drum: South Africa's Ngubeni joins "The Right Move"
(4 May 2006)

The Chess Drum interviews FIDE Candidates (Daaim Shabazz)
(4 May 2004)

The Chess Drum: Interview with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
(3 May 2003)

The Chess Drum: FIDE Elections (Femi Adebajo)
(1 May 2006)

ChessBase: Who Controls FIDE? (André Schulz)
(1 May 2006)

The Chess Drum: Interview with Bessel Kok
(24 April 2006)

ChessBase: Could Topalov be excluded from the next cycle?
(20 April 2006)

ChessBase: Karpov and Topalov Speak Out
(17 April 2006)

FIDE: Today FIDE is Strong and Vibrant
(17 April 2006)

ChessBase: The battle becomes belligerent
(13 April 2006)

The Chess Drum: Zambia's Ncube responds to Short's article
(12 April 2006)

The Chess Drum: FIDE campaigning heats up in Africa!
(10 April 2006)

ChessBase: Nigel Short: Inside Africa
(8 April 2006)

ChessBase: All about Kirsan and Kalmykia
(6 April 2006)

ChessBase: Kirsan on the Campaign Trail
(4 April 2006)

Times of Zambia: Ncube nominated to contest FIDE 2nd  top position
(21 March 2006)

Mmegi (Botswana): BCF rattles Chess Grand Master
(9 March 2006)

Chess Today: Interview with Bessel Kok
(3 March 2006)

ChessBase: Right Move on the march
(24 February 2006)

ChessBase: Q&A with Bessel Kok
(17 February 2006)

Daily Dirt (blog): Questions for Bessel Kok
(15 December 2005)

World Chess Network: Interview with Bessel Kok 
(13 November 2005)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 23 April 2006