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Jackie Ngubeni has been organizing various events in South Africa for the past several years. He has also hosted chess dignitaries to South Africa and is the co-principle of The Chess Academy which has the charge of training  thousands of students in chess. Recently he has been elected to be an advisor to "The Right Move" campaign and in his letter of support he claims to speak for "the majority of the Southern African and sub-Saharan chess-loving community."

When referring to African chess he states,

"This region has had, and continues to have, the most promising chess talents who seem to not quite break into the barrier of GM status. In 1981 our region hosted the first category 16 event. Because the system of apartheid and its segregationist agenda hurt our people, FIDE took a stand by banning the apartheid regime from the world chess family. South Africa was welcomed back at the birth of our democracy. Over the last few years the region experienced a collective feeling of neglect and abandonment by FIDE."

Certainly much can be said about the condition of Africa in chess and it seems to parallel the condition of Africa from an socioeconomic standpoint. Both tickets have identified the problems of the region and hope to propose strategies that will move the continent forward. The article claims that Ngubeni has managed players such as  IM Watu Kobese (South Africa), IM Robert Gwaze (Zimbabwe), IM Henrich Stander (South Africa), FM Phemelo Khetho (Botswana) and WGM Tuduetso Sabure (Botswana). IM Amon Simutowe (Zambia) is also mentioned as a beneficiary of Ngubeni's efforts.

South Africa has officially endorsed Bessel Kok as has Malawi and Namibia. In ensuing months, The Right Move will compete fiercely for the African vote against Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's Chess Fidelity. The battle for Africa continues and regardless of who wins, it is with hope that the continent can share a common, unified vision.

The Right Move (, "The Right Move welcomes Jackie Ngubeni to the advisory team!" 3 May 2006.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 4 May 2006