The Caribbean is currently represented at the Central America and Caribbean subzonal event in Guarico, Venezuela. The contingent includes: Barbados' Terry Farley (2006 National Champion); Trinidadians FM Ryan Harper (2006 National Champion) Dr. Eddison Chang, Marcus Joseph (2006 Junior Champion); and Jamaica's 7-time champion Shane Matthews.

This subzonal provides with rare opportunities for international titles. Most of the titled players participating in this tournament earned their titles at previous subzonal events and some will be looking for an upgrade. There are three titled players present: Venzuelans
Julio Ostos (2306) and Eduardo Iturrizaga (2309), have won IM titles and Trinidad's Ryan Harper (2285) has earned the FM title. 

2.3.5 Subzonal Championship

Posted by The Chess Drum: 16 November 2006