Parrilla in France for World Youth Championships

Medina Parrilla, is a decorated scholastic player seeking new horizons as she enters high school this fall. Currently, Parrilla is competing in the World Youth Championships (Girls under-14) in Belfort, France. She is one of a contingent of  31 U.S. players making the trip. More than 20 years ago, Bernadette Reddick played in the under-14 Championships in France.

Parrilla has been the subject of many media articles and has, thus far, built a strong resume of accomplishments including  an undefeated record in U.S. National Scholastic Championships. She led her school to national titles in 2002, 2003, a runner-up finish in 2004 and won the 7th grade national individual title in 2003. Currently she is 2nd among  U.S. female players in the 14-year old age group. Following are her results in France:

Medina Parrilla at the 2005 World Open

Medina Parrilla
(Photo by Daaim Shabazz)

Medina Parrilla's Games

Round 1: Parrilla - MAKAROVA Kermen (Estonia 1877), 1-0.
Round 2: PORAT Maya (Israel 1948) - Parrilla, 0-1.
Round 3:
SKINKE Katrina (Latvia 2100) - Parrilla, -.
Round 4: Parrilla -
WINKELMANN Elena (Germany 2040), 0-1.
Round 5: BRUNELLO Roberta (Italy 1837) - Parrilla, 0-1.
Round 6: Parrilla - AGREST Inna (Sweden 1984), -.
Round 7: SMITH WFM Hazel (Canada 2023) - Parrilla, 1-0.
Round 8: Parrilla
- MANYOKI Anna (Hungary 1850), -.
Round 9: JUSSUPOW Ekaterina (Germany 1922) - Parrilla, 1-0
Round 10: Parrilla - ARMAS Lara-Maria (France 1599), 1-0
Round 11: SANCHEZ DELGADO Lidia (Spain 1898) - Parrilla, 0-1

Score: 6-4

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 25 July 2005