U.S. Champ Nakamura wins Foxwoods!

Hikaru Nakamura completing a move in his 22-move demolition of Ilya Smirin. Photo by foxwoodsopen.com.

In a daring display of destructive power, Hikaru Nakamura again showed why he has rejuvenated interest in U.S. chess.  Nakamura (2752 USCF) won the Foxwoods Open tournament with a strong 7-1 score leaving behind a number of marquee players such as the #1-seed Ilya Smirin (who he crushed in 22 moves), Ildar Ibragimov and Alexander Ivanov who  both tied for joint 2nd on 7-2. Former U.S. champ Alexander Shabalov, who lost to Nakamura in a 3rd round encounter, was off form on 5-3.

Nakamura, who triumphantly won the U.S. Championship last year, has provided renewed interest in U.S. chess and has started a new era with his first major win as U.S. Champion. Nakamura will participate in Maurice Ashley's HB Global Chess Challenge in perhaps the most highly-anticipated event in years. In other news,
IM-elect Stephen Muhammad scored a solid +1 on 5-4 including wins over GM Varuzhan Akobian and Columbian Grandmaster Alonso Zapata. In the process, he earns his 4th IM norm and will be conferred the title later in the year.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 27 March 2005