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Hikaru Nakamura, new American champion, will be in forefront at the HB Global Chess Challenge, the largest ever Open tournament, planned for Minneapolis.

Drawn by a record-breaking half-million dollar prize fund, the biggest cash award ever in Open chess history, international grandmasters from around the globe are moving quickly to register for the HB Global Chess Challenge, set to be held May 18-22 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Among the pack will be the latest chess sensation, Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, who has the chess world buzzing after his spectacular victory at the recent U.S. Chess Championship tournament in San Diego. Nakamura is the youngest player to hold the crown since Bobby Fischer back in the 1960s, and his slew of impressive results has many American chess fans hoping that they are witnessing the emergence of another world title contender. Besides playing in the tournament, Hikaru (pronounced HeKAHroo) will play an exhibition match against a yet-to-be-named top player, adding a special treat for both participants and spectators. "The big question is," says tournament organizer and International Grandmaster Maurice Ashley, "will anyone want to play him?"

Joining Hikaru will be a number of former US Champions as well as other Grandmasters from around the world, including leading players from Russia, France, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. In addition to the professional players, some 4,000 to 5,000 amateurs are expected to descend on the tournament to cross swords for the 300 cash prizes being awarded to the winners. The tournament, with its guaranteed $500,000 prize fund, offers a number of lucrative prizes, including a first place award of $50,000 in the Open section. There will be 56 cash winners in the Open section, with most of the other sections giving away up to 50 cash prizes, including first place prizes of $20,000.

Among the pack will be the latest chess sensation, Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, who has the chess world buzzing after his spectacular victory at the recent U.S. Chess Championship tournament in San Diego.

The early and strong response to the HB Global Chess Challenge may stem from the knowledge that the event has been organized by Ashley, an experienced professional himself, who is looking to ensure that the needs and interests of players are given top priority.

"I am thrilled that so many of my grandmaster colleagues have jumped at the opportunity to play in this major new event," said Ashley. "We are breaking new ground, with the richest prize fund ever in an open tournament, a paydown to 50 places in most sections, and built-in safeguards against early draws and sandbagging. We are trying to take chess into the 21st century."

Brian Molohon, the executive director of the nonprofit HB Foundation, which is sponsoring the tournament, said: "We believed that Maurice Ashley, with his record of achievement and innovation, was the ideal person to serve as tournament organizer. His colleagues in the worldwide chess community know that he believes in improving conditions for tournament players and building the chess audience."

The HB Foundation promotes the cognitive and academic benefits that children and youth gain from learning and playing chess. "Our mission is to show to the world that chess is a fantastic game for kids, adults and families," said Molohon. "We think that the HB Global Chess Challenge is a great way to show how majestic chess really is."

The HB Global Chess Challenge, which has been endorsed by the U.S. Chess Federation and the Association of Chess Professionals, will feature multiple side events, including lectures, simultaneous exhibitions, autograph signings by leading GMs, live game analysis of the top boards, musical entertainment, silent and live auctions, and free giveaways.

Those seeking more information or who have questions are urged to call the HB Foundation at 651-209-3067 or Generation Chess at 646-495-6092. Chess players ready to register for the HB Global Chess Challenge should go to the HB Foundation website, or call 1-800-964-2448 or 205-941-4448.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 26 January 2005