Austin wins Michael Forde Memorial!
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Michael Forde was a pioneer of Bajan Chess as a founder, a trainer, an organizer and a sportsman. The Barbados Chess Federation decided to run a tournament in his honor in which players would earn FIDE rating. The Barbados Advocate ran an article about the 16-player 9-round Swiss tournament on December 19th. According to the article,

"Michael Forde was a founding member of the Barbados Chess Federation (BCF) and of the Barbados School Chess Association (BSCA). He was a teacher at the St. George Secondary School and was responsible for coaching and training Barbados chess champions… the Dawson twins, Ron Buckmire, and current national champion Delisle Warner. Forde also had a hand in shaping International Chess Master and former Barbados Sports Man of the Year, Kevin Denny."

Dirk Austin won the tournament with a sparkling 8-1 outpacing 
Terry Farley (7˝-1˝) and Martyn Del Castilho (6˝-2˝) who placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively.


Dirk Austin of Barbados.

Dirk Austin

Posted by The Chess Drum: 26 December 2005