Warner wins Barbados Championship!
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FM Delisle Warner, 2005 Barbados Champion. Copyright  2005, Barbados Chess Federation.

FM Delisle Warner, 2005 Barbados Champion
Photo by Barbados Chess Federation.

FM Delisle Warner went on an eight-game winning streak to vault himself to the national crown last weekend with a sparkling 10-1 score. After an early loss to Bajan junior, Justin Kirton, Warner ramped up his play with key wins over nemesis FM Dr. Philip Corbin and Martyn Del Castilho in consecutive rounds. Warner and Del Castilho were co-leaders when the two sat down to play in the 8th round. Warner won a tough battle against the Bajan junior champion and was able to match both Del Castilho (9-2) and Corbin (8-3) win-for-win in the last three rounds. Kirton, who started out 6-1 fizzled with four consecutive losses to end the tournament. National Master Terry Farley had a solid 7-3, but was unable to develop any consistency. One setback was allowing Corbin to escape in what may have been one of the most exciting games in the tournament.

Final Standings

1st FM Delisle Warner, 10-1
Martyn Del Castilho, 9-2
FM Dr. Philip Corbin, 8-3
NM Terry Farley, 7-3
Dirk Austin, Justin Kirton, 6-5
Kelvin Daniel, Justin Blackman, 5-6
Othneil Harewood, Shamel Howell, 4-7
Dwayne Gilkes, 3-8
Mark-John Alleyne, 0-11 (8 forfeits)

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Holder takes the Women's Crown

In the women's competition,
Rosamund Holder took the title with 5- edging out Corrine Howard. Holder got a scare in the first round against Melissa Sookhram as she lost a piece early only to get compensation in the form of a winning kingside attack. In Holder-Howard battle, Holder was thoroughly dominated and looked to be on the verge of resigning several times. She made one last attempt with her queen to drum up counterplay. Going for mate, Howard got careless and allowed a rook sacrifice and perpetual check, but while attempting to escape the checks, she walked into a mate in one! This event would change the tournament and result in the margin of victory for Holder.

Final Standings

Rosamund Holder, 5-
Corrine Howard, 5-1
Teresa Howell, Cherri-Ann Parris, Juanita Warner, 3-2
Sharece Holder, Vinette Howard, 3-3
Melissa Sookhram, Tora-Joy Patrick, Jaleesa Bowen, Stevia Arthur, 2-4
Crystal Carrington, 1-5

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 23 October 2005