2004 Chess Olympiad: Kobese shines for South Africa

Watu Kobese is back at the Olympiad. This simple fact bodes well for South Africa and will perhaps set the federation on its course.  During this Olympiad, South Africa has fielded all but one of its International Masters and stand a good chance to beat an all-time point total for Olympiad play.

Thus far,
South Africa is on 12 points with 3 wins and 3 losses in six rounds. Board #1 George Michelakis is undefeated on 3-1 while Kobese leads the team thus far with 3 points. His last win was impressive and uncorked a long tactical variation stunning his Turkish opponent.  When the smoke cleared, the South African player would net two pawns and the victory.

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IM Watu Kobese

IM Watu Kobese
South Africa South Africa South Africa

Posted by The Chess Drum: 21 October 2004