2004 Chess Olympiad: A Different View

The 36th Chess Olympiad is now history. One wonders how much the tournament will be remembered for its ending rather than how it began.  Over 130 nations assembled in Mallorca, Spain for two weeks of fellowship, deliberation and competition. In covering this important event, I realized (even further) how little coverage is given to developing countries. If there is coverage, it's usually some reference to a cultural novelty or some obscure observation (e.g., hairstyle, attire) not chess.

Sitting in a smoke-filled, yet vibrant press room, I noticed that media outlets all over the world had sent their best journalists to cover the event. I was proud to have been among them, but there were few (apart from
Ian Wilkinson of Jamaica and Allan Herbert of Barbados) writing and covering the African Diaspora. Fortunately, The Chess Drum was able to bring live coverage of this event. It was quite an interesting experience!

As a tribute to the Olympiad, "
Chess Crackers" presents four positions from the Olympiad while "Fire on Board!" features the Kobese-Isaev heated battle. Finally, several photo galleries have been posted as the subject of the "Historic Moments" segment. These photos cover the intense expressions, the hope for victory and the determination for success. In coming days, an essay reflecting on the Mallorca Olympiad will be seen on these pages as well as other reports and expressions.

The Chess Drum's Daaim Shabazz with Catarino Domingos of Angola.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 12 November 2004