Orrin Hudson featured on National Public Radio!

Orrin Hudson recently had a chance to speak with popular radio personality Tavis Smiley about his community efforts. Hudson is the founder of BeSomeone, Inc., an non-profit entity to help motivate youth to make better choices in life while using chess as the vehicle to learn these lessons.

In the 7-minute segment, Orrin talked about the moment that he decided to make a difference… a robbery at Wendy's resulting in seven people being taken to the freezer and shot in the head execution style. Their hoist… $2400. After a sleepless night, the former state trooper asked, "What can I do to make a difference?" He began to reach out and teach people how to "make all the right moves."

Smiley was puzzled about Hudson's comment that losing is a choice.  Why is losing a choice? "We don't want to pay the price… we don't want to do the work… When you go the extra mile… when you do the laborious work, miracles happen."

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Orrin C. Hudson

Photo by Michael Schwarz

Posted by The Chess Drum: 6 August  2004