Farley takes lead as Denny upset!
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Clockwise: IM Kevin Denny, FM Delisle Warner, FM Dr. Philip Corbin and NM Terry Farley.

Clockwise from top left: IM Kevin Denny, FM Delisle Warner, NM Terry Farley and FM Dr. Philip Corbin.

Things have gotten very interesting after exciting 8th round action at the Barbados National Championship. Defending champion, FM Delisle Warner beat  IM Kevin Denny in what was described as  a fierce battle. By winning, Warner pulls to within one point of tournament lead and a mere -point back of 2nd place Denny.  Meanwhile, NM Terry Farley squeezed into sole possession of 1st with a win over Allan Herbert and remains undefeated.

The last three rounds will be crucial as both Farley and Denny play in the final round while Warner has already played  his strongest opposition. In addition, Farley will have to play
FM Philip Corbin who has been unable to put a string of wins together, but is always a dangerous opponent. Could we be heading for a repeat of last year's "Bajan Clash"? Stay tuned!!

After eight rounds: Farley, 7-; Denny, 7-1; Warner, 6-1;  Gilkes, 5-3; Corbin, 4-3;  Daniel & M. Del Castilho, 4-4; Earlem, 1-6; Yarde, 3-5; Herbert, 1-7; D. Del Castilho, o-8.

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 25 May 2004