Drum Loyalists "tee off"

At  the World Open there are many players donning an endless variety of chess paraphernalia with a logo or slogan emblazoned across its breadth. There is the usual official tournament shirt or a shirt from a previous tournament. There are also t-shirts bearing humorous slogans on any number of topics. The purpose of these designs is to bring attention to the shirt and demonstrate an affiliation.

Last year at the World Open, I was approached by several people about a particular t-shirt I was wearing. It was a t-shirt with banner of
The Chess Drum website across the front. I had only purchased shirts to wear to tournaments. After repeated requests, I decided to get a feel for the market and announced the sale of these shirts at the 2003 World Open chess tournament.

Issac Hinch of Atlanta

Isaac Hinch of Atlanta

Upon my arrival at the World Open, sales were brisk and many of the players could be seen wearing the shirts around the tournament site. It is important to note my appreciation for all those who have supported my efforts over the past two years and feel proud enough to display "The Chess Drum" across their chests. The site has taken a life of its own and its purpose is much bigger than its creator. With continued support, it will blossom into an information source that chess players and non-players can visit to gain (in general) an appreciation for chess and learn (in specific) contributions made by players of the African Diaspora.

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Drum Loyalists 'tee off'

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 11 July 2003