Chess Drum T-shirts on sale at World Open!

For the first time, Chess Drum T-shirts will be on sale. Many players at past World Opens (and other tournaments) have continued to ask about these T-shirts, so here they are!! They will be available only at the 2003 World Open tournament while supplies last. After the World Open, another announcement will be made for mail orders. Supply will depend on demand (of course).

The T-shirts will be in white with
The Chess Drum banner across the front (pictured right) and will come in three sizes: medium, large and extra large. These shirts will be priced at $12 and made of 100% cotton… perfect attire for the summer heat and a good way to promote chess. Reserve yours today!

This is officially the first fundraiser for the 2600-page website and proceeds will be used to promote chess excellence. Thanks for your continued support of The Chess Drum and…


I'm wearing one of the shirts at the 2001 Grand Opening of the Hall of Fame Chess Museum in Miami, Florida. It was hot that day!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 12 June 2003