Philly "Drum Majors" launch theme tournaments

Philadelphia has a rich history of chess in the predominately-Black communities and has launched another tradition with monthly theme tournaments for strong players (2000 ELO and above). A theme tournament requires that each game start from a predetermined position. There have been two tournaments so far and the openings have been: the e5 Sicilian (Sveshnikov) and a main line of the Slav where Black sacrifices a piece. These tournaments are good staging grounds for opening preparation and deeper understanding of opening nuances.

Both tournaments have been won by
NM Norman Rogers with NM Elvin Wilson placing second. Third place was won by Larry Pugh and NM Glenn Bady. The upcoming tournament will feature the oft-analyzed Caro-Kann main line when white plays an early h4.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 3 January 2003