"Life Through Chess" Message Winning Believers

Orrin Hudson is perhaps known to The Chess Drum audience as a chess coach using motivational techniques to inspire children to "be someone." His organization, "BeSomeone, Inc.," has slowly gained the support of many including public figures like Jane Fonda, Les Brown and Tony Robbins. In speaking about the growth of his idea, Hudson states, "I now will start my on TV show in Atlanta called Be Someone. I am living the life I love." His message centers around using chess as a metaphor to learn lessons of life.

"Chess teaches pattern recognition which is the fundamental underlying element of success in all fields. The more patterns you know, the fewer mistakes you will make. Consequence is also an important factor in life. There are consequences for non action as well as bad action and decisions. If you see someone in need and you don't take any action, there are consequences for non action. Your entire life is made up of the choices and decisions you make."

Orrin C. Hudson

Orrin Hudson
(Photo courtesy of BeSomeone, Inc.)

Mr. Hudson has a couple of projects on the drawing board. Besides the TV show, he has plans for a book and has also sought support of Brian Tracy, a best-selling author on personal and business success. The BeSomeone organization  has a new and improved website and can be reached through any number of addresses. At this location, you can read about Mr. Hudson's extensive program and view his array of promotional materials including an interesting collection of photos! For more information, contact Mr. Hudson at bsomeone@aol.com, or call toll free at 1-888-227-1507.


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Posted by The Chess Drum: 7 August 2003