Chess Coach Orrin Hudson tells youth to "Be Someone!"

Growing up poor in an Alabama housing project with family of 13,  Orrin C. Hudson learned the meaning of sacrifice and community. Taught the game of chess in 1979 by his older brother, he credits chess with helping him with the focus and determination needed to be successful in life.

After having served as a Alabama State Trooper for six years and an entrepreneur car dealer for ten, Orrin realized a higher goal in life and decided to use chess as a vehicle to help "underprivileged" children. The Birmingham native commands a presence and is electric in his presentations. He has organized "Be Someone Day" for the last two years, an activity featuring 200 children who have become excited about chess.

Orrin C. Hudson, Be Someone, Inc. Copyright ©, Be Someone, Inc.

Orrin C. Hudson

Reflecting on a piece history long forgotten, Orrin decided to spread the message to children to be someone and  started "Be Someone, Inc." Orrin got the inspiration from a story he read about the early political failures of Abraham Lincoln. His mother simply told young Abe to be someone and with these inspiring words, young Abe become America's 16th President. When Jane Fonda called Orrin on his cell phone seeking to get him involved in teaching children chess, Orrin put these ideas together and jumped at  the challenge!!

A dynamic motivational speaker, Orrin extols the values of chess and often states before captive audiences, "The only thing that can take you to your goal is the mind." Orrin has successfully carried his message across the airwaves as he has been the subject of countless TV interviews including CNN, CBS, FOX, and a number of news articles. One can certainly see the impact he has in causing his students to believe in themselves, a common theme in his lectures. If you're ready to see what the "new wave" of chess coaching is about…


Posted by The Chess Drum: 13 October 2002