Kumbula iAfrica: "Setting" the Standards

Something amazing is happening in the world of chess arts and crafts. For those who are not aware, there is an entire genre centered around the collection of authentic chess sets. In fact, Dr. Ned Munger is one collector who has displayed his vast collection in a handsome three-volume book set.

Kumbula iAfrica
is yet another company who features crafts to the delight of collectors, chess players and of those who appreciate the intricate designs and the fascinating stories behind the figures. These sets also make perfect gifts.

Kumbula iAfrica, meaning "Remember Africa," is based out of Kya Sands, South Africa and specializes in African art pieces and curios. If nothing else, their site is inspiring and an interesting visit! Click on the image to find out more!

Kumbula iAfrica (South Africa)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 31 July 2003