Jamaica's New 'Prez' analyzes classic battle!

A few months ago, Ian Wikinson assumed the duties of Jamaica's Chess Federation (JCF)  President. What is so amazing about this is his sudden burst onto the Jamaican scene. Wilkinson's charisma and organization skills are now being put on display in his new and challenging role. Having served successfully as the Team Captain for both the men's and women's Olympiad Team, Wilkinson hopes to vault Jamaica forward toward high heights.

In addition to his organizing zeal, Wilkinson is fond of analyzing game scores (as are most Jamaicans) and recently he took on the challenge of examining
Teichmann-Rubinstein, Carlsbad, 1911. His style has an animated flair and his prose is unique, drawing heavily from his knowledge of classic literature. As indicated by The Chess Drum's "Chess Clash" last year, one can appreciate the diverse styles of analysis… it is indeed an art form. Enjoy!

Teichmann- Rubinstein, Carlsbad 1911

JCF President, Ian Wilkinson (right) with GM Garry Kasparov at the 2002 Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 15 April 2003