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Franklin-Mercantile Chess Club

Hello! My name is
Jerome Works. I am the evening manager at the Franklin-Mercantile Chess Club in Philadelphia, Pa. We have moved to a new location just recently. Sorry, but I cannot recall the brother's name that I bought the t-shirt from at the World Open. My picture is in the photo gallery (I'm the one at the far right with the Sixers cap with three others wearing t-shirts). I have blitz tourneys every Saturday at 1:00 pm at the club. I really enjoy visiting this website. Very informative. Keep up the good work. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks, Jerome!

P.S. Our address is

Franklin-Mercantile Chess Club
2012 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 496-9686

Stark County Chess Foundation

Dr. Daaim Shabazz:


As founder of the
Stark County Chess Foundation in Canton, Ohio I would like to introduce myself to you and the Chess Drum.

I enjoy being able to access a site that documents the achievements of African American chess players. We have many talented brothers and sisters among us. I would like to link your site with ours at If approved by you, our webmaster will do it because I have no clue how these things are done.

Also, I would like to be profiled in the Chess Drum. I started a chess club in Canton in 1992. Since then it has grown into 35 schools and more than 1000 students involved. We have received over $50,000 in grant money and have won about 40 state and two national championships as a program. I'm writing and self publishing a small book called "Making Champions" which I hope to finish in about a month." I hope people will see by our example that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to helping young people.

Thank you.

Wuyanbu Zutali, Founder
Stark County Chess Foundation

Kings and Queens Chess Club

Greetings Players,

I would like to introduce you to a site that represents my effort to expand the notion of who a chess player is. My goal is to break down the stereotype of the nerdy socially inept male that plays chess and expand the awareness of the various cultures, ethnicities, religions, and sexes that embrace the ancient game of chess.

Please support my cause by visiting my work in progress at the website. Leave your comments and suggestions in my guest book.


Steven Andrade
Montebello, CA (USA)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 29 July 2003