Photo Gallery
The 2003 World Open (Philadelphia)

Following are thumbnails from the 2003 World Open. Click on thumbnails to see larger image. All photographs are the property of Daaim Shabazz. Please request the use of the pictures. Enjoy!

Lawyer Times

Pairing Room

GM Hikaru Nakamura

"Dapo" Adu analyzing
with Babs De Leroy
Dean Blackburne, Demi Mathews, Kashka Jackson (glasses) Adrian Bennett, Geoffrey Byfield (coach), Tarique Walters (in front), Kevin Lyle (behind), Nicholas Mathews (chaperone)

Sam vs. Herb
"Chi-town" vs. "Philly"

blitz battle!

The Jamaicans

Khaled Sharafuddin vs.
GM Alex Stripunsky

Issac Hinch

Three Directors setting
Kronos digital clock

Bernard Parham
"The Matrix Man"

Stephen Muhammad
in deep thought

FM William Morrison

12-year old Kayin Barclay on the move.

GM Peter Kiriakov vs.
IM-elect Stephen Muhammad

FM Emory Tate

Kimani Stancil
vs. GM Anatoly Lein

Dorsey vs "Mig"

Bughouse Party!

GM Zsuzsa Polgar

Fernandez vs.  Zimbeck
(1-minute chess)

Rogers & Muhammad

Jim Cope, Director

Another Blitz Battle!

GM Babacouly Annakov

Tom Triplett playing "hat man" Waymouth

Ahmad Abdallah

Blitz Tourney Finalé!
Drum Loyalists 'tee off'

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