IM Robert Gwaze creates buzz with Golden Performance!

IM Robert Gwaze of Zimbabwe won the gold medal for his board one performance at the 2002 Chess Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia.  The medal winners at board one were of distinguished company:

Gold: IM Robert Gwaze, Zimbabwe 100%
GM Alberto David, Luxembourg 84.6 %
GM Mohamad Al-Modiahki, Qatar 83.3%

In addition, to the praise for the games he played in the Olympiad, he has also brought a sense of intrigue of those wanting to know more about African chess. At france-echecs.com, there was a discussion about whether he made a GM performance. One person posted saying he had to have played three GMs… and of course there are ELO rating requirements. While Gwaze did not earn a GM norm, his 9-0 score yielded a meteoric 2690 performance rating!

IM Robert Gwaze holding trophy after winning Olympiad gold medal. Copyright © 2002 Barbados Chess Federation.

IM Robert Gwaze

IM Kudzanai Mamombe of Zimbabwe was unable to make the trip to Bled due to other obligations, but simply said, "IM Gwaze did well. It's good for us!" Well said. It is also good for the whole of Africa and those from developing nations. Let's hope to hear more from this talented young man in the near future!

See the postings taken france-echecs.com (in French)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 14 November 2002