IM Robert Gwaze of Zimbabwe sizzling with 9-0 streak!!


IM Robert Gwaze is on a mission. A remarkable young talent from Zimbabwe, he has taken the Bled Olympiad by storm. Those opponents unaware of his very raw attacking style and gift for tactics soon learned as they faced resignation. One-by-one these opponents have fallen… nine in a row!

It is not certain whether records are kept for consecutive Olympiad wins, but one can say with a level of certainty that not many have achieved this feat. Of course
GM Bobby Fischer can make such a claim (11-0 in 1963-64 US Championship), but there are not many (whether professional or amateur).

IM Robert Gwaze

Gwaze's Selected Games

IM Robert Gwaze (ZIM) - IM Tomi Nyback (FIN), 1-0
FM Abdul Hassan (UAE) - IM Robert Gwaze (ZIM), 0-1
IM Robert Gwaze (ZIM) - IM David Gluckman (RSA), 1-0
FM Wong Zi Jing (MAS) - IM Robert Gwaze (ZIM), 0-1
Dewperkash Gajadin (SUR) - IM Robert Gwaze (ZIM), 0-1
IM Robert Gwaze (ZIM) - Edwin Borigas (HKG), 1-0
Dafi Almannai (BRN) - IM Robert Gwaze (ZIM), 0-1

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 7 November 2002