Two books capture the richness of chess history!!

Dr. Ned Munger has traveled to over 300 different territories in the world and has visited Africa exactly 90 times! This fact along gives one an idea of his rich experiences and his insight to various cultures. It just so happens that Dr. Munger is a collector of exotic chess sets and has decided to share his prized collection with the public in a three volume set titled, "Cultures, Chess, and Art."

This editor was fortunate enough to purchase the first volume at a chess tournament (it was the last copy) and was astounded at the fascinating stories and colorful pictures showing the rich history of chess in Africa. Each carved set symbolizes national icons of the respective nation and with each piece is associated a rich piece of history. Volume 1 covers Sub-Saharan Africa, Volume 2 the Americas and Volume 3,  Asia and the Pacific. 

These books are a welcome addition to the library of chess players, collectors, archaeologists, and historians. To find out more about these wonderful books and the
special 25% discount , click below.

Cultures, Chess & Art by Dr. Ned Munger

The Wilbert Paige Memorial was an important event serving as a catalyst for the heightened spirit of chess players in the African Diaspora. The event was held in historic Harlem, home of the artistic Harlem Renaissance, an important era representing the creative expression of  immense talent possessed by Black artists during the 1920s and 1930s.

During the summer of the year 2001, another gathering of intellectual talent assembled in Harlem to partake in another show of artistic expression. Ten chess masters of African descent gathered in the bustling district to engage in a classic chess tournament. The result would be an event for the ages.

To preserve the memory of the event, a compact booklet was published. Included are photos, commentary, annotated games and player profiles… a definite value!  A great gift for a young player! To find out about this collector's item, click on the link below.

The 2nd Harlem Renaissance: The Wilbert Memorial Chess Tournament by Daaim Shabazz, Ph.D.

The Wilbert Paige Memorial tournament website

Posted by The Chess Drum: 27 November 2001