A Rising Star on the U.S. Horizon: Akeem Gregory-Thompson

Philadelphia has long been an incubator for strong Black chess players. West Philadelphia High School produced the likes of the late NM Wilbert Paige and NM Glenn Bady and crosstown rival Bertram High School produced NM Norman "Pete" Rogers and Raymond "The Dragon" Robinson. The talent doesn't stop there. With schools like Frederick Douglass Elementary, highly-regarded Vaux Junior High and Washington High School, players like NM Elvin Wilson, NM Howard Daniels, Anthony Westbrook, Kevin JilesMichael Allen and Jeffrey Moore were bred out of a training system that worked. With this history, it's no surprise that a new star is on the scene. Akeem Gregory-Thompson has been improving rapidly and is poised to become the next Philadelphia player of note from the Black community.  He is the highest rated 11-year old in the state at 1701. Akeem, who will turn 12 in November, has already built a collection of impressive scalps to go with his collection of trophies. Bruce Thompson Sr., the ever proud father, can be seen accompanying young Akeem to tournaments. This month's "65th Square" features young Akeem and some examples of his talent. Players ought to take note… Akeem is on the scene!

65th Square - featuring Akeem Gregory-Thompson

Posted by The Chess Drum: 6 September 2001