Alfred Carlin, a Louisiana native, was once a mainstay in U.S. Chess tournaments, having played in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Texas and other venues. The five-time Louisiana state champion has dedicated the past years to his successful coaching career and runs The Chess Academy in New Orleans.

Described at The Chess Connection website as "quiet and easy-going," he extols what he calls "The Carlin Method" which is first of all… TO HAVE FUN!! Contrary to his motto, Carlin made sure that the only player to have fun in the following game was himself! He would sit down to play top American GM,
Larry Christiansen and the game came with an interesting story.

NM Alfred Blake Carlin. Photo courtesy of The Chess Connection.

NM Alfred Blake Carlin

"Carlin's victory over Christiansen had a poignant sidelight. Although the organizers provided clocks for use on the top boards, Carlin insisted on using his own. Naturally, a tournament director asked why he was being so stubborn. Carlin replied that the clock in question had been given to him by a lower-rated friend who had subsequently died. He wanted to honor this friend by using this clock while playing a world-class opponent. Carlin was permitted to use his own clock, and the Louisianan showed his gratitude in striking fashion."

~ Written by GM Arthur Bisguier (June 1986, Chess Life) ~

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