The magic of Philip Corbin has been discussed widely. His swashbuckling play and gambitting style has created some spectacular games with picturesque mates. Corbin seems to unleash his fury on the big stages and the Olympiad tournament is one such event.

In the 2008 Olympiad in Dresden, he rolled out a wing gambit against the Ethiopian's French Defense and unleashed a terrific mating attack. He mentioned that he has had some experience with this in facing
FM Delisle Warner, an inveterate French player. He had also played the same gambit in the previous round.

In this game, the
Brehane Gegregziabher apparently never faced this gambit line and threw caution to the wind by castling and ignoring white's menacing pieces. Corbin got a stock sacrifice and his attack was relentless. Another victim for the "Caribbean Tal."

FM Dr. Philip Corbin

FM Dr. Philip Corbin

FM Philip Corbin - Brehane Gebregziabher

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